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4D Mapping, make a 3D Mesh Fly-through

4D Mapping, make a 3D Mesh Fly-through

If you want to create a 3D model of your property,  or need to inspect a roof for house extension or solar installation, this might be the product for you. The Pix4Dmapper Mesh Will automatically convert images or video taken from your drone and produce a three dimensional model of that area. First you can create a flight plan to capture the images using a free mobile application called Pix4dmapper Capture App. Then take your drone and fly over the property to take a video or photographs of that area.  Then use  the desktop software to edit and optimize the project into a 3D layout that allows you to create a fly through video or export the model in full 3D textured mesh.  This same program can be creatively used to map your adventure and create a 3-D video animation.



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