Aquinline Drones 900x250


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  1. Been even better with a 360 camera. Hey – head to Rome and do the Sistine Chapel. It would be awesome for world to see it in 360 video with ability to zoom in and out. Wow – that would be nice!

  2. Wow! That was done well!

  3. WOW you got to do that in the church was it easy to get the permission? I went to Malta back in the late ’70’s and went to Mosta to see the world’s largest church dome. As I remember here’s a small “patch in the left side of the Dome where during WW2 when a big bomb went through the roof and slid down the isle not exploding. They have the bomb in glass casing with pictures of it.
    Nice place and very nice people.
    Again great video /thanks for sharing it with us.

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