Anatomy of a Radio

Anatomy of a Radio

As you become more involved with multirotors and the sophistication of your aerial vehicle increases, you will let to a point where you will start using higher-quality radio systems. Many multirotors come with a dedicated transmitter that’s programmed to work with that rotordrone. For aircraft that are built from kits or come in almost ready to fly or bind and fly packages, you’ll have to supply your own transmitter. There are several programmable radio systems available and to demonstrate the basics, we’ve chose the popular 10J radio system from Futaba.


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  1. Great article but the days of transmitters like the RC community has been using are numbered. The new crop of UAVs will only use tablets and the controller as we know it will go by the wayside.

  2. Cliff, thanks for your comments. We too see the tablets and iPhone/Android controllers gaining popularity, but one thing that needs to be addressed is the latency. That annoying delay between command and response that comes with the mobile device controllers.

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