Air National Guard Drone Helps in Carr Fire

Air National Guard Drone Helps in Carr Fire

The California Air National Guard’s 195th Wing, stationed at Beale Air Force Base, has been assisting the state’s Department of Forestry and Fire Protection agency (CAL FIRE) with aerial reconnaissance and surveillance to help combat the Carr fire in Redding, California, according to a Department of Defense press release.

“We’re able to provide real-time eyes in any area where the fire’s at,” explained Air Force Maj. and intelligence analyst manager Nicholas Edwards. “We can provide information to where CAL FIRE can direct resources. We give information to the decision makers in a timely manner.”

Within a week, wildfires have damages around 90,000 acres of land, destroyed over 500 homes and buildings, and killed a minimum of six people. For thousands of Redding residents, evacuation was imperative. CAL FIRE intelligence officer Capt. Robert DeCamp sees the California Guard’s contributions as a major relief, stating they’re “seriously helping us.”

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