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Drone Reviews: RISE Vusion 250 Racer FPV-R Quadcopter

Drone Reviews: RISE Vusion 250 Racer FPV-R Quadcopter

The RISE Vusion series of quads opens up the world of first-person-view (FPV) flying to the pilot who is looking to dabble in drone racing. The new Vusion 250 Racer FPV-R is great for the beginner and can easily grow with fliers as their skills improve. This fully assembled quad has injection-molded construction and is ready to go out of the box—just add a transmitter and goggles.

Drone Reviews: RISE Vusion 250 Racer FPV-R

Drone Reviews: RISE Vusion 250 Racer FPV-R - At a glance

Drone Reviews: RISE Vusion 250 Racer FPV-R LiPo Battery

The bottom slides out and allows for easy access to the battery compartment.

Drone Reviews: RISE Vusion 250 Racer FPV-R - FPV Camera

The FPV camera is easy to flip up, so you can get a clear view of the racecourse.

When I opened up the box, the first thing I noticed was how nice this bird looks and the minimal amount of assembly I would need to do on it. The only thing I actually needed to install was the video-transmitter antenna, and that required no tools at all. LED lights are installed on all the arms to help with orientation—white in the front, red in the back. The arms and body are a solid, high-grade, injection-molded plastic that is resistant to crashes, but if you do experience a really hard impact, all of the parts are available and easy to replace.
The power system is stout and has no problem getting the Vusion 250 up to speed. Each of the arms houses a high-frequency speed control with OneShot125 programming and a 2280Kv brushless motor. All the wiring is neatly housed in the arm, and only two bolts need to be removed to replace the arm. In addition, a 600TVL FPV pop-up camera is built into the top of the body. To adjust the camera to the angle you prefer, just press on the back. The built-in DVR will accept up to a 32GB micro memory card, and can record video and take photos if you are using the compatible RISE J2000 radio, which has dedicated buttons for video recording and photos. Also included in the box is an extra set of props, a 3S 1500mAh LiPo battery, and a manual.

Drone Reviews: RISE Vusion 250 Racer FPV-R - Arm Detail

The lights, motor, and speed control are all integrated into the design of each arm and easily replaceable.

Turn on the transmitter, power up the Vusion 250, and let it sit there on level ground for at least 10 seconds so that the gyros can get set up. Then hold the left stick down and to the right for a second or two, and that will start the motors (down and to the left stops them). From there, center the stick and then slowly advance the throttle to get the Vusion to lift off.
Once in the air, the Vusion 250 has three different flight modes that you can fly with, making this the perfect racer for the novice all the way up to the advanced pilot. In mode one, you have auto-level stability, a mild roll rate, and a limited tilt angle, making this the perfect starter mode. Mode two still has auto level, but it allows a higher roll rate and tilt angle, allowing the pilot to race. In mode three, the pilot has complete control and the quad is extremely maneuverable. There is no auto level, and the pilot is responsible for every movement and getting the quad back on track. If you want to do aerobatics, this is the mode for you.

Drone Reviews: RISE Vusion 250 Racer FPV-R - Plug

The plug is within easy reach, allowing for quick and simple connections.

Drone Reviews: RISE Vusion 250 Racer FPV-R - top plate

The top plate also slides off for easy access to the flight-controller board.

The RISE Vusion 250 FPV is the perfect racer for the pilot who just wants to fly and race. With no building, the only time constraint is waiting for the battery to charge. This is an easy and fun bird to fly and should give you many hours of fun racing. My recommendation is to get some more battery packs; you will want more time in the air on each of your flying outings

Updated: April 11, 2019 — 4:05 pm
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