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Drones by Zagora 2016

Drones by Zagora 2016

What Is Drones By Zagora?

UAV technology is evolving at lightning speed, offering game-changing opportunities to a diverse range of industries. Agriculture, mining, oil & gas, electricity, law enforcement and real estate are but a few of the sectors that can transform and optimize organizational processes by leveraging current and future commercial UAV technology.

While the technology is currently being employed around the globe by these and other sectors, many roadblocks must be overcome before the true revolutionary potential of the technology can be unlocked.

Navigating complex and limiting regulatory frameworks, safely co-existing in common airspace, developing industry standards, sorting out good technology from the bad and identifying and managing dangerous risk factors are but a few of the challenges that must be properly and promptly addressed in order move the commercial UAV industry forward.

Designed in partnership with critical regulators, cutting-edge providers and cross-sector industry professionals, Zagora’s Drones Conference promises to provide practical solutions to the toughest challenges facing the industry today.


Event takes place September 21-22, 2016, Montreal, Canada


The Montreal Science Centre is located in the Old Port, at the foot of the St-Laurent River. The Centre is totally dedicated to science and technology and is the second largest complex of its kind in the country, with more than 700,000 visitors annually.


You will be able to appreciate an historic area southeast of downtown. Old Montreal is a major tourist attraction with some of its buildings dating to the 17th century and is one of the oldest urban areas in North America.

Montreal Science Centre address :
2, de la Commune Street West
Montreal (Quebec) H2Y 4B2


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