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Graupner Droneball Sweeper — Review coming soon!

Graupner Droneball Sweeper — Review coming soon!

We just received the new Rotorball Sweeper quadcopter from Graupner USA. This fun and unusual rotordrone is very rugged and crash proof with its built-in dome like cage. Ideal for the beginner as well as experienced drone pilots, the Sweeper is about the size of a basketball. Watch for a product review in RotorDrone Magazine coming soon.

Equipped with LEDS, this quadcopter is great for day and night flights.

The 6-blade propellers are protected within the built-in safety cage.

The Graupner Droneball Sweeper comes with everything needed.

Including a custom fit backpack and propeller installation tool.

Indoor airborne soccer is a definite possibility.


Updated: April 11, 2019 — 1:55 pm
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  1. I am very interested about the Sweeper. But do not know how to buy it.
    Could you advise how to buy it ?
    I am stationed in Shenzhen, China.


    1. should be able to hook you up!

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