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Haevic DartGun Drone.

Haevic DartGun Drone.

Could this be coming to the US?

The aptly named, DartGun is the latest product developed by HAEVIC, the leading company in South Africa.

This robust platform has already proved its resilience in daunting working conditions. Flying for the past two years in DRC agricultural operations. The HAEVIC crossed the boundary combining a SuperDrone with a unique pneumatic, all aluminium, lightweight gun attached to a potent airframe.


Developed By Professionals

According to their website this drone was developed in tandem with one of the leading gun manufacturers in South Africa, the DartGun was designed by a team of professionals to meet the requirements of the game industry and veterinarians.

With it’s heavy lift 960mm diameter carbon fiber frame and 17 inch propellers, the DartGun is able to lift a payload of up to 10kg (22 pounds).  by attaching a light weight air gun to the SuperDrone this machine now becomes a remarkable nimble but fast flying performer. Able to reach a top air speed of 67km/h (41 mph) the pilot can follow the target during flight by means of live-view goggles (first person view). Using clean LiPo battery-driven motors the DartGun provides silent yet long endurance flying times of up to 40 minutes per operation.

Unique Laser Guided Vision

Aligned with a built-in laser beam, the pilot can view the target through the on-board HD camera during flight. Pointing the laser beam on the target, the dart will find the exact spot indicated by the laser beam. Ground-breaking in the drone industry, the pilot’s goggles are linked to the movement of the DartGun. When the pilot moves his head up and down, the gimbal-mounted DartGun will follow suit and aim the gun accordingly.

Safe Operation

As the DartGun is “loaded” by pressurised air prior to the operation, the DartGun can be safely initialised even by a novice. By increasing the pressure of air in the gun, the velocity and reach of the dart’s impact can be altered. Using the recommended air pressure the DartGun will be accurate up to 30 metres (98.5 feet).

Affordable And Accessible

For the first time the DartGun provides an affordable platform for the game farmer, game capture industry and veterinarians alike. At a fraction of the cost compared to the traditional helicopter platform, the DartGun now opens up brand new possibilities for both the farming and veterinary communities.

See it in action:

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