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International Drone Day 2015!

International Drone Day 2015!

A day was set aside to celebrate drones and show that Technology is something to enjoy and not to fear.   Throughout the country and the world there were a number of events put on for the public to learn and enjoy. Our Senior Editor John Reid spent the day out at Apollo field in Van Nuys, Ca to join in on  the celebration of International Drone day.  This event drew a number of pilots and spectators from around the southern California area. Events throughout the day included first-person-view racing (FPV), an obstacle course, manufacturers flight demonstrations and a full day of just flying drones.  Here are some of the images we took during the day.

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Drone_Day-1965 Drone_Day-1987 Drone_Day-1994 Drone_Day-2022 Drone_Day-2059 Drone_Day-2066 Drone_Day-2597 Drone_Day-2602 Drone_Day-2605 Drone_Day-2611 Drone_Day-2614 Drone_Day-2626 Drone_Day-2701 Drone_Day-2711 Drone_Day-2713 Drone_Day-2864 Drone_Day-8390 Drone_Day-8399 Drone_Day-8405 Drone_Day-8428 Drone_Day-8432 Drone_Day-8436 Drone_Day-8467 Drone_Day-8488 Drone_Day-8534

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  1. Looks like every body having fun…….

  2. Saw a lot of quads but no drones

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