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Drone Protection

Drone Protection

First and foremost, look for a drone case. It will give your drone the best all-around protection during storage and transport. Ideally, you want to find a case that’s designed specifically for your drone’s model; this ensures the best fit (and the best overall protection). Then you need to decide whether to go with a hard or soft case—a decision you can base on what your drone will do for you. For example, a drone used daily for work or taken to
remote locations in rugged conditions needs the extra shock and weather protection a hard case provides. But a drone that’s used for fun at the local park on weekends will be happy as a clam in a soft case. Next, make sure that your case (whether hard or soft) has two essential features: adequate carrying capacity (the case should fit your drone, controller, propellers, batteries, and chargers) and foam interior cushioning. Don’t skimp here! Nothing protects fragile electronics like cut foam. If you’re looking to cut costs,
these two features are not the place to do it. Finally, look for optional features, such as extra battery storage, backpack straps, accessory compartments, or props-on storage. Again, think about how you use your drone—where you take it, what season you use it most, and so on. This should always be in the back of your mind when you’re looking for the best protection. – Tim Jennings – President Custom Case Group.

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