Manhattan Beach from the air

Manhattan Beach from the air

Here is a little short film from Scott McFarlane of Manhattan Beach, CA, Enjoy!

Now that summer is over, enjoy this little tribute to those warm beach days.
Over the past few months, I have been busy capturing aerial footage around Manhattan Beach – one of the most idyllic Southern California beach towns located outside of Los Angeles. This place makes flying easy since it is so picturesque.

Manhattan Beach, California (from above) from Scott McFarlane (smFilms) on Vimeo.

Music: A compilation of classical tracks composed by Strauss and inspired by Kubrick. The pier has always looked a bit otherworldly to me from above so thought this music fits perfectly!
100% shot with the DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone
4K / 24 fps for most shots, a few others are 1080/24fps
LOG Color format
Style: Custom (-1, -3, -1)
Edited with Adobe Premiere CC
Graded with Premiere and FilmConvert
Special thanks to all the “actors” who helped out: Lindsey, Stefan, Amy, John, Ryan, Harry, and the countless others who appear way down below on the high shots.

Be sure to check out Scott’s other videos on Vimeo.

Updated: March 24, 2017 — 8:50 am


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  1. Why are you flying your drone in airspace that is illegal? Don’t cause an accident!

  2. Surprised to see Rotor Drone advertising this film. Many shots appear in direct violation of many flight rules especially flying over people. Isn’t this just the sort of flying we ought to discourage unless done in accordance with federal, state, local laws and especially regarding public safety? I may have to reconsider my affiliation with Rotor Drone magazine.

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