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New Drone Footage from Chernobyl

New Drone Footage from Chernobyl

This video shows some new footage shot from a drone flying over the Chernobyl nuclear power plane, the site of the nuclear reactor disaster that happened in 1986. This video released by EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) focuses on the arch that will shelter the damage reactor 4, upon completion and late 2017. You have to admire all the people who are willing to work in such an environment.  

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  1. Nuclear power PLANE? I thought it was a plant. Don’t rely too much on artificial spell check.
    Your article on Prime Air also says “develop and perfect THERE new prime service drone delivery service.

  2. Amazing. Is it still unsafe for humans to go there? If so, that makes this even more amazing 🙂

    1. The plant is still active. You’re allowed to tour the plant and the surrounding town, but not allowed to live there.

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