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Saxon Remote Systems Inspector

Saxon Remote Systems Inspector

Saxon Remote Systems Inspector is a hexicopter unmanned aerial system (UAS) that exceeds the capabilities of our competitors.   With its exceptional endurance and rapid deployment ability, the Inspector provides civilians and warfighters actionable date quickly.

The Inspector’s payload options include RTK/PPK, Target Tracking, Thermal Imaging, NIR and more.  The mission always changes, your multicopter needs to accommodate a wide variety of sensors in order to accomplish the task.

The Inspector is currently serving Military, Firefighting, Agriculture, Mapping and Inspection projects around the world.

The new Inspector unmanned multirotor system was designed for a wide range of operations to include ISR, Search and Rescue, Infrastructure inspections, Rail Inspections. The Inspector is a fully autonomous system, capable of long ranges with the use of Microhard Radios and RFD 900 Telemetry.  The Inspector platform provides a comprehensive solution for professional business users.

Updated: November 11, 2019 — 4:34 pm
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