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SCOTTeVEST: Keeps your gear at your fingertips

SCOTTeVEST: Keeps your gear at your fingertips

When you think of a container for drone equipment, you may tend to look at backpacks, fishing tackle boxes, or just a toolbox. But one company thinks that you may want to keep all of your drone support equipment on your person. SCOTTeVEST has top-quality clothing that has more pocket and storage areas that you can imagine— perfect for drone-racing pilots. I tried their men’s Sterling Jacket ($150) and Hidden Cargo Shorts ($70) and have to tell you that they have more pockets than I could ever need. Here’s a tip: Get the jacket the next size up from what you normally wear. Once all the pockets are full, it will have more bulk to it, and a larger size will help to keep the jacket’s clean lines. I fit in everything that I needed to fly for a couple of rounds, including goggles, extra batteries, extra props, a bottle of water, some tools, and a small laptop for programming. Because everything was product review accessible, it was easy to prep between heats. There was even enough room for my iPod, so I could listen to music and relax while waiting for the next round.


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I got the jacket and shorts mainly for drone racing, but they are just as good for my aerial-cinematography flying. I like to shoot things that are away from the road, so I end up many times on a short hike to find the right location for shooting. It was very easy to pack up and carry a couple of battery packs, some extra props, and back-up data cards as I wandered off the road to my shooting locations. All SCOTTeVEST clothing is designed with well-engineered pockets to hold everything you need for an entire day of flying. This is well-made clothing at a good price, and the company has a fast shipping department. I now find myself reaching for my Sterling Jacket all the time, even when drone flying is not on the day’s schedule. –John Reid

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