UAV Education Programs Reach New Heights

UAV Education Programs Reach New Heights

We devote pages and pages in every issue of RotorDrone to the ever-expanding role that unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) of all types play in our world. Much of our focus is recreational, but increasingly you see us documenting (and celebrating!) the commercial, environmental, and public-safety advancements that drones are ushering in. UAS is far and away the fastest-growing segment of the aviation industry. It’s been estimated that its economic impact could climb past $100 billion by the year 2020! Think about that for a second. With that much money almost literally just floating out there, there’s an entire generation of technically adept kids coming up through the schools that are looking at drones as a viable career path. And there are plenty of the rest of us with an entrepreneurial streak just dying to take our recreational fascination with all things drone-related into the professional sphere. Click on image:

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