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World Class Drone Racing!

World Class Drone Racing!

Race Drones is now the hottest thing tadalafil online in the world of FPV quadcopter flying. After many street level match ups the sport has matured and the new Drone Racing League (DRL), is taking the excitement to the next level. But this is not your local brew of RC bashers. The sport has grown up. Get ready for the sport of the future where the world’s top drone pilots will thread the needle and navigate epic race courses designed specifically for FPV racing drones. DroneRace3 In the Pre-Game Top pilots came from all over the world to fly through the complex structure of an abandoned power station on the banks of the Hudson River known for its rusted walls, crumbling structure and history of violence was nicknamed, “The Gates of Hell.” Last year it became the proving ground for the first event of its kind., slicing through neon gates, rounding hairpin turns, and racing for the finish. With no margin for error the course saw its share of casualties. The Heat Builds: Level 1 On February 22 2016 “MIAMI LIGHTS” Will be the season-opener flown at the NFL’s Sun Life stadium. The venue will be transformed into the fastest three-dimensional course ever created for FPV racing. Once the smoke clears, competitors will go on to Level 2. droneRace2 The date has yet to be determined but it will be at: L.A.POCALYPSE. This abandoned venue is a 40-acre relic of 70′s suburban excess and will be the perfect backdrop for the 2nd race of the season. DroneRace4 Who will be crowned as the best FPV pilot on the planet and DRL world champion? Stay tuned!

Updated: March 24, 2017 — 9:14 am
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