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Yuneec Typhoon H, A Good All Around Camera Platform

Yuneec Typhoon H, A Good All Around Camera Platform

Yuneec’s latest release, the Typhoon H, requires minimal assembly time, so you can get in the air within minutes of opening the box. In fact, for this review, most of the waiting time in the beginning was spent on charging the battery pack (the flight pack and a spare are included). For more info, click here

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  1. Seems to me like the Mavic Pro matches the majority of the features, including obstacle avoidance. With this being a hexacopter, I can see how it would perform better in wind, but battery life is a question.

  2. The Typhoon H is far from perfect especially when it comes to range, camera and battery life but I have to say that I really like most of its features. Have an hexa is always a plus, I find it super quiet which is great for wildlife, the controller is a beast and it performs really well overall. I would recommend it without any hesitation !

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