Charging several battery packs at once

Charging several battery packs at once

Lithium battery chemistry is volatile. If one battery can catch fire and cause a lot of damage because of improper charging, imagine what several batteries hooked together and charging in close proximity to one another can do if anything goes wrong. Parallel charging might sound like a convenient way to charge multiple batteries at the same time, but it can […]
Battery Wattage

Battery Wattage

How do you calculate wattage? Answer: This is a common call we get at Venom, and most of the time it goes like this: “I’m trying to charge my three-cell 5000mAh battery at 5.0A, but it only gets to 3A.” The charger allows you to set the 3S 5000mAh pack to charge at 5.0A, but it never actually gets […]

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Battery checkers display the voltage from each cell, so you can keep track
of any weak cells.

LiPo Q&A

How can I get the most out of my LiPo battery, and when do I know that it’s time to replace it? Answer: LiPo batteries need special care in the way they are charged, discharged, and stored. High-quality LiPo compatible chargers can be expensive, but making the investment is worthwhile. LiPo batteries average about 400–500 cycles depending upon how they […]
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