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Arctech Charge M-2 Pro Charger

Arctech Charge M-2 Pro Charger

Focusing on battery charging, maintenance, and management, primarily in the drone sector Arctech Charge’s new battery charging solution will revolutionize the way drone operators charge and manage their drone fleets.

Arctech Charge M-2 Pro for DJI TB55 batteries charge four DJI TB55 batteries 3 times faster while reducing the risk of in-flight battery failure. Using the Arctech Charge’s battery data management technology helps reduce capital expenditures on battery inventory by up to 60%, while increasing the number of charge cycles 10 fold per battery. It safely decreases charge times by up to 6 times while consume 40% less power while charging.

All this improves fleet management by allowing accurate prediction of in-flight battery failures while also reducing the overall environmental impact.

Updated: February 25, 2020 — 4:32 pm
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