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TORONTO Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed his Mexican counterpart to Canada today, saying the two leaders would have much to talk about in the coming days, including the flow of people and goods.

Trudeau greeted President Enrique Pena Nieto on arrival at Toronto landmark Casa Loma castle before hosting a banquet attended by about 300 guests.

and Mexico are more than just friends, Trudeau said in welcoming remarks. are partners. And it what we share as partners and friends that I like to celebrate. made a point of thanking Mexico for sending 41 firefighters to Fort McMurray, Alta., to help fight the massive wildfires there last jerseys That help is what good neighbours do and is much appreciated, Trudeau said.

The prime minister said the two men would talk about finding solutions to climate change and working toward better protection for the environment.

The two countries have economic interests in common and both understand the importance of a productive and respectful relationship that allows for greater trade, stronger growth and more job creation, Trudeau said.

Trudeau said many Canadians travel south for Mexican culture, cuisine and slightly more hospitable climate, while Mexican students come north to study in this country.

The prime minister said it was hard to believe that more than six years have passed since Canada last welcomed a Mexican president on a state visit.

Speaking in Spanish, Pena Nieto called the visit and renewal of bilateral relations a in history. are taking it further, he said to Trudeau. not just about co operation and the economy, we here to deepen our friendship. president called Canada and Mexico countries, noting 96,000 Mexicans live in Canada the second largest Mexican diaspora. About 60,000 Canadians make his country home, Pena Nieto said.

Pena Nieto talked about legal and orderly immigration, and said indigenous peoples strengthen both countries. He also talked about working toward a healthier environment.

As his Liberals cruised to a majority government, Justin Trudeau also won the online battle, becoming the most talked about candidate on social media.

This was an election that got people talking and voting. Voter turnout was the highest it been in more than 20 years, withclose to 17.6 million peoplecastinga ballot. The last time numbers were this high was in 1993.

The political landscape has changed dramatically since 1993 and nowhere is that more apparent than on social media. Candidates, their supporters, and their foes took to Twitter and Facebook to spread their message, pick a fight, and generally sound off.

The results online closely mirrored the results at the polls.

While Trudeau didn send the most Tweets that honour goes to Green Party leader Elizabeth May he was the most talked about candidate. on Tuesday.

The Liberal party hashtag, LPC, had 51 per cent of all online mentions, with 188,939 Tweets.

The Liberals captured about 54 per cent of the seats, 184 out of a possible 3338.

That an enormous lead over runner up Stephen Harper. The Conservative party hashtagCPC had 26 per cent of all mentions, with 95,777.

It was an echo of real life, where the Conservatives won 99 seats, about29 per cent.

This election is too important to stay on the sidelines. The hashtag NDP was used62,285 times, or 17 per cent of the total.

That pretty close to theper centof seats won by the NDP, who elected 44 MPs or13 per cent of the seats.

Today, millions of Canadians voted for the NDP to keep fighting for them and that exactly what we do.

People “feather their nests” by adding furnishings to create warm, cozy, comfortable, feel good homes. Or they feather their nests by accumulating money sometimes selfishly taking advantage of their position at the expense of other people. If you feather your nest, you’re prepared to be comfortable now and in the future.

The expression refers to the habits of certain birds that line their nests with feathers. I doubt a bird’s purpose has anything to do with feeling comfortable on a pile of cushy feathers while sitting on four or five lumpy eggs. A feather nest lining is more for warmth. Feathers also hide and camouflage eggs, nestlings and incubating mother birds.

Tree swallows feather their nests. But they don’t take advantage of another bird species to come up with the feathers. Tree swallows nesting near water usually gather Canada goose, duck and gull feathers found on the shoreline. They also gather white chicken feathers if available.

When tree swallows first checked out one of my three bluebird nest boxes on April 12, I tossed a handful of white chicken feathers into the air to help them feather a nest. The next day, I found a single white feather inside the nest box the calling card of a tree swallow. Tree swallows deposit a feather (often white) when they first stake their claim on a nest cavity.

After building a pine needle nest on a base of straw (both collected within 100 feet of the nest box) the swallows added a few more white feathers. After the first of four egg was laid April 30, many more feathers were added black and white waterfowl feathers.

Even though the female was probably sleeping on the eggs, extra insulation from a feathered nest probably proved useful in preventing the eggs from chilling the night of May 18, when temperatures dipped to an unseasonably cold 39 degrees. The eggs hatched the next day.

Tree swallows are hardy northern breeders that have expanded their breeding range southward recently.

They prepare for cold by feathering their nests.

Twice, an adult bird was in the box when I opened it to monitor the nest. Though I tapped on the box before opening it to encourage any adult inside to leave, the bird sat tight on the eggs and I quickly closed the box. Surprisingly, an adult tree swallow is nearly invisible against black and white feathers in a dark nest cavity. The high contrast line just below the eye between the snow white throat and blue head looks just like one of the many white feathers contrasted against dark waterfowl feathers that line the nest. Adults are well camouflaged. They were nearly invisible to me until I spotted an eye. The striking iridescent blue and white head that’s so brilliant in sunlight is just dull and drab inside a dimly lit nest box.

Tree swallows with well feathered nests appear to be more successful parents. Well feathered nests cool more slowly than unfeathered nests.

Feathers also provide a moisture barrier. Feathers hide the eggs and baby swallows when the parents are away. Nestlings grow faster in feathered nests and have fewer parasite infestations. Feathered nests increase the odds the eggs will hatch and the nestlings will survive to leave the nest as fledglings.

Tree swallows almost appear to be playing when they chase and capture feathers in mid air. If they drop a feather high in the air other tree swallows often appear and join in on the feather chasing. Group feather chasing may be a tree swallow’s idea of a social activity.

Updated: September 30, 2016 — 7:07 am

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