Clog Works DMqD Gen 2

Clog Works DMqD Gen 2

From Clog Works: With a re-designed, 30% lighter airframe combined with a 3Kg+ payload capacity and 55+ minute flight time, the DMqD Gen 2 is a perfect fleet addition for more demanding survey and inspection applications.

Like its bigger brother, the hX Gen 2, the qD has a modular design. The arms can be swapped out for a more powerful drive train to provide more thrust and redundancy for bigger payloads, the legs can also be configured as a long leg set up, short leg set up, fixed landing gear and a tripod mounted lading system to assist the aircraft when landing on moving or uneven surfaces.

This enables the qD to carry a bigger variety of payloads and increases safety when flying in more challenging environments.

These individual user specifications can be applied at the point of order or can be made to order later on, providing maximum flexibility for our customers and their constantly growing list of requirements.

But the modular design benefits don’t stop there. Virtually any part of our aircraft can be upgraded – meaning that when the next generation of autopilot systems are released, you don’t have to replace the entire aircraft to have access to the latest features.  We simply remove the old hardware and replace it with the newer hardware, allowing our customers to continue to make use of their perfectly operational aircraft as well as maximizing their ROI.

Updated: February 16, 2023 — 12:38 am

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