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Delivery Drones for Public Health

Delivery Drones for Public Health

Interested in getting certified to fly drones for public health? Check out this release from the Humanitarian UAV Network:

International health organizations, governments, major donors, non-governmental organizations and companies are increasingly looking to use delivery drones to improve public health services. So what does it actually take to run cargo drone deliveries for public health? Far more than most realize.

Participants in this fully updated training will learn everything they need to know to design, implement, evaluate and partner on successful medical cargo drone projects. The course cuts through the hype and unpacks many of the assumptions that currently drive the discourse in the cargo drone space. As such, the training provides an objective, empirical and candid overview of the current state of cargo drones in health.

We’re launching our fully updated online training on Delivery Drones for Public Health at the same competitive rate as our online training on Drones in Humanitarian Action to make it more accessible. We’re equally pleased to announce that certificates of completion will now be signed by Direct Relief in addition to MIT, UPenn and WeRobotics.

So what’s new with this latest update? A lot! We have fully updated the training to include the latest key developments from the past 12 months. In fact, this comprehensive update adds more than 25% of new content to the existing online training launched 12 months ago. Specifically, we have created new dedicated sessions to ensure that participants remain entirely up to speed on the drone delivery space in public health, including key players, operational deployments, lessons learned, peer-reviewed studies and more. The updated training also includes a special session on the use of delivery drones in response to COVID-19. This course is also a great fit if you’re simply curious to learn more about the latest on the use of delivery drones.

Updated: June 2, 2020 — 4:39 pm
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