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DJI has new versions of the Mavic Pro on the way, and thanks to a mistakenly published advertisement, the company has now confirmed to CNET a few specs and features ahead of the drones’ official reveal.

There appear to be two big changes coming to this generation of the Mavic: first, the introduction of a “zoom” model (a configuration DJI is calling Mavic 2 Zoom) that can shoot as wide as 28mm and as tight as 48mm. And second, the introduction of a new Pro model with a much larger image sensor.

Both zoom lenses and 1-inch image sensors are features that DJI has so far reserved for its more expensive professional drones. And while it sounds like you’ll have to choose between one or the other in this generation of the Mavic, it will at least start to bring those features down to a wider audience.

The camera system on the Pro will have a big one-inch CMOS sensor — which is a huge bump over the 1/2.3-inch sensor in the original Mavic Pro. The advertisement also mentions that this is a “Hasselblad camera,” meaning the iconic Swedish photography company likely had some involvement in the development of the camera architecture. (DJI acquired a majority stake in Hasselblad a few months after the 2016 release of the original Mavic Pro.)

While it isn’t stated, it’s likely the Zoom version won’t have the same 1-inch sensor, and will instead take advantage of the smaller sensor sized user on the original to allow for that level of zoom.

The Mavic 2 will fold up and appears to be slightly slimmer. It will feature improved performance in the air as well, with a 31-minute flight time and nearly five miles of range. It will have better obstacle avoidance thanks to sensors that face in all directions, which is similar to what DJI did with the smaller, newer Mavic Air.

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