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The unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine has passed the 2 week mark and Ukrainian forces are putting up a mighty resistance. Volunteer fighters from all over the globe are joining the fight to help repel the Russian aggression.

But even from thousands of miles away, there’s now a way you can support Ukrainian fighters: with a drone donation.

US based Skylum Software, makers of AI-powered photo editing software Luminar, is helping to answer the call to strengthen Ukrainian surveillance with donations of recreational drones.

Our defenders can act faster and more decisively with the help of drones and provide better security to civilians with prior warnings about imminent danger. Your drone will be saving lives!


First reported by the Associated Press, Ukrainian drone hobbyists have been using their aerial cameras to locate Russian convoys and then share images and GPS location data with Ukrainian forces.

And now Skylum has stepped in to organize donations of drone from around the world, handling the logistics and distribution to Ukrainian troops via their facility in Poland.

How you can help

You can help two ways: donate a drone you no longer use or need, or purchase a new drone and have it shipped directly to the Skylum team in Poland.

What drones are needed:

Skylum’s list of recommended drones for Ukraine support are:

Skylum Marketing Manager Sabina Iliasova is coordinating the logistics and can provide you with shipping details and contact information on where to send your drone. You can reach out to her at for more information.

Updated: March 14, 2022 — 3:18 pm


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  1. Please send my a ship to address so I can donate my drone, 4 batteries, charger and case.

    Thank you in advance.
    Arrin Dilbeck

    1. Hi Arrin – we do not have the address; please contact for information. Thank you!

      1. Hi i have a dii mini 2 three batteries and carry case ready to send to hell Ukraine please send me address to post it to thanks mark

  2. I have a JJPRO which I’m willing to donate. Used once and will send it fully charged. Let me know if you would like to send it to Ukraine.

  3. Case and lots of equipment. Magic v2. Low hours.

    Question: Who pays for the freight as this is a big case and many contents.


  4. i was wondering if the military could use cheap drones that can hold the weight of a small explosive that would be put inside the drone from a soldier. there for explosive and video use

  5. I have a Holy Stone HS175D GPS Quad. Flown Twice. If you want it and Ukraine can use it? Let me know where to ship it.

  6. How about a phantom 3 pro with controller, extra batteries and propellers and carry case


  8. Hi I would donate my slightly used DJI Mavic Pro Model: M1P If it could be helpful.
    Please let me know

  9. I have build a quadcopter drone, navio 2 GPS and raspberry py , the drone use a powerful battery 17k miliamperi that can fly 40 minutes. I can build and program any drone so if you need any help let me know.

  10. I am not a drone flyer, but would be more than happy to purchest a drone, or drones to send to the Ukraine for the Ukraine army. DJI DRONES look best can anybody advise. model,price.Dont want to send WHAT THAY DONT NEED.

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