Drone Harmony Cloud Platform

Drone Harmony Cloud Platform

With the Drone Harmony Cloud platform, you gain two new dimensions to your data capture workflows: cloud storage of mission data and a web-based planning interface. Combined with Drone Harmony’s mobile application, Drone Harmony is now offering a fully integrated data capture platform for drone service providers and enterprises.

Automated sharing and collaboration

A key capability introduced by the launch of Drone Harmony Cloud is the sync feature. The sync feature automatically consolidates and creates backups in the Drone Harmony Cloud of all saved mission planning data (including the scene, missions, flights, logs, etc.) across all mobile devices associated with the Drone Harmony account. Furthermore, a team collaborating on a site can have immediate access to all the missions planned by peers. The benefit for the manager is the ability to see an up to date snapshot of all the data acquisition activities in the comfort of the office, without the need to task her pilots to manually submit a report or export the Drone Harmony state. In short, the automatic sync feature is the automated archive for your organizations’ data acquisition activities.


Plan, edit and visualize – from any web browser

With the release of Drone Harmony Cloud, Drone Harmony’s customers gain access to the Drone Harmony web platform, a powerful new interface for exploiting Drone Harmony’s technology. The web application makes it very easy to interact with most of Drone Harmony constructs. With the aid of a large screen and a mouse, customers can now easily visualize and edit stored scenes and missions in ways that were not possible before. The web platform also offers some manual mission planning capabilities. In the near future, all automated planning features from Drone Harmony’s mobile application and a number of new features will be ported to the web platform as well.

A platform for drone data acquisition

Drone Harmony Cloud is much more than just another mission planning tool. It is a platform for organizing and managing all the information that is relevant to your organizations’ data acquisition activities.

The platform addresses the needs of larger enterprises performing drone data acquisition, providing the enterprises’ operation management a birds’-eye view of all asset sites while enabling seamless sharing and collaboration capabilities with operators. Smaller organizations can keep a history of their mission planning activity, perform comparisons and obtain an organizational single point of reference.

Upcoming updates of Drone Harmony Cloud will include the possibility to simultaneously visualize on the map groups of missions to gain further insight into ongoing and completed data capture activities.

What’s coming

Drone Harmony is hard at work on turning the cloud platform into the focal point of all drone data acquisition efforts for its customers.  In particular,  while on-site mission planning on the mobile device will remain a key capability, the aim is to position the web interface as the primary mission planning tool in the future. As a first step, all mission planning features from the Drone Harmony mobile application will be migrated to the web application. In later iterations, users can expect the web applications’ plan catalog to include some unique advanced features.

In consequence, our customers can expect the future generations of the web platform to include improved versions of Drone Harmony’s full 3D planning interface, new advanced cloud-based mission planning capabilities, the possibility to store advanced scene data (point clouds, meshes etc.) as well as drone data in the Drone Harmony Cloud and integrations of key services and products in the drone and GIS space.

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