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If you are looking for the ultimate Mavic package, the Drone World MaXX Mod Kit should be at the top of your list. A huge bonus is that it comes with the MaXX Mod 3 Hot-Swap Antennae, which will keep the video signal clear and interference-free.

Drone Review: Drone World Mavic Pro - at a glance


We have done a review of the Mavic Pro in an earlier issue of RotorDrone magazine. So to catch you up to date, this is one great drone that appeals to many pilots for many different reasons. We like its stable flight performance and the way this bird can fold up into a small package so that it is easy to transport. In addition, the built-in camera shoots in ultra HD (4K) video and can produce a 12-megapixel image in RAW. These are just a few of the reasons to own a Mavic Pro. But why get it from Drone World? That would be because of the amount of product you get for your dollar.

Drone Review: Drone World Mavic Pro - Easy fit

One cool feature is that the controller and the iPad both fit inside the bag. This makes for a quick and easy setup.

Drone Review: Drone World Mavic Pro - ready to go

Here is the iPad and the controller ready to go right out of the backpack. Just start up the controller, Mavic, and iPad and you are ready to go.

Drone Review: Drone World Mavic Pro - Antennae

used the MaXX “HD Signal” Mod antenna the most. It has great all-around coverage for most of my flying.

Let’s talk about some of the stuff that comes in this package. The first is the Mavic Pro and controller along with three Intelligent Flight batteries, four pairs of props, a battery-bank adapter (which allows the use of a flight battery for charging other devices), a four-battery charging hub, a charger, and RC cables for all smartphones. Drone World also includes a hard case, sunshade and extension, Flip 360 Mini Drone (for fun at home), drone leg extenders (for flying off grass), screen protectors, a charger, a remote lanyard, prop guards, a camera sunshade, a portable battery charger, a micro SD 64GB card, a USB-reader remote lanyard, a MavMount device holder (which allows the use of a tablet instead of your phone), and a backpack (which is a high-quality pack for carrying all these products). That’s a lot of gear, and we haven’t even talked about the three MaXX Mod antennae (for more on these, see sidebar).

Drone Review: Drone World Mavic Pro - Three Antennae

The three antennae are (left to right) the MaXX “Range” Mod, the Maxx “HD Signal” Mod, and the MaXX “FPV Park” Mod.

Drone Review: Drone World Mavic Pro - Gimbal

Here is the Mavic Pro three-axis mechanical gimbal with the small 4K camera, ready
for action.

 Drone Review: Drone World Mavic Pro - Backpack

The included backpack has a place for everything. In this compartment are (left to right) the Drone World Premium Ultra HD L-Series lens filters, Mavic Pro, battery packs, and extra props (in black drawstring bag).

Aerial Recap

The flight performance of the Mavic Pro is  impressive to say the least. With its top speed of 40mph and 24-minute flight times, it compares favorably to much larger drones, and the fact that it comes in an easy-to-carry, compact package is a bonus.

But the main reason you need this setup from Drone World is the maximum flight distance and the solid video feed. Using the MaXX “HD Signal” antenna, you can fly three to four miles away with solid flight video and control. While you shouldn’t ever fly the Mavic far away because it would definitely be out of visual range, the advantage of having this range with no signal loss is that it will permit the Mavic Pro’s signal to transmit through interference when you’re flying close to the ground. This improved visual quality allows for better navigation and makes filming easier because you see a richer picture to improve framing, tracking, and focus. My film work is much improved by having such a nice picture while shooting. When I show others the image on the screen that I am getting from this setup, they are all impressed by the clarity, color, and sharpness.

MaXX Mods

Drone World offers three MaXX Mod antennae with the Mavic Pro MaXX Mod Kit because this drone is so versatile and can be used for many different applications. First, there is the custom 3D-printed 3-in-1 Hot Swap antenna bracket, which mounts flush on the remote and allows the pilot to change between antennae in a matter of seconds. I use the MaXX “HD Signal” Mod the most because this helical antenna has a low-signal loss and provides a much-improved HD image. The MaXX “Range” Mod is a flat-panel antenna that gives a substantial boost to the range of the Mavic Pro. If you are looking for a modest signal with additional range, this is the antenna to use. The manufacturer says that it will penetrate up to four to five miles, and that is a long way off. The MaXX “FPV Park” Mod is the perfect antenna for pilots looking for a 360-degree view. It’s ideal for exploring an area within a mile range in all directions. With this antenna, there is no need to have it pointed at the drone for the maximum benefit. With the ability to change the antennae quickly, it is easy to fly the Mavic Pro any way you want and know you will always have the best signal.

Bottom Line

I have found that I use just about everything that is included in this kit, especially the ultra HD lens filters. If you want to take advantage of all the features that the Mavic Pro offers, then this is the kit you have to get.

Updated: April 11, 2019 — 3:52 pm

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