Drone-vertising – Really?

Drone-vertising – Really?

As we said before, multi-rotor aircraft or drones are becoming rather popular and can fill a variety of needs, but we didn’t really see this one coming. We found this story on News10.com and they reported that some entrepreneurs can see another use for drones: advertising.

Gauravjit Singh on Monday launched a startup that uses banners — literal ones — to spread advertising messages. The agency already has five clients in Philadelphia. Each will pay $100 a day to use one of DroneCast’s four $4,000 drones to advertise over busy intersections, according to a report. The banners, which can run as long as 6 feet, will fly about 25 feet in the air.

Here is their company video showing their product in action.

Let us know what you think about this idea, post your responses below.
for more information on advertising with Drone Cast website: dronecast.us

for the full story check out


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