Drones at CONEXPO-CONAGG Show, March 10-14 in Las Vegas

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Drones are used for surveying, presenting project progress to owners and other stakeholders, monitoring multiple jobsites, and inspecting structures—which enhances safety.
“Currently they are mostly used at construction sites for tracking progress and resources at the site, such as materials, heavy equipment locations, and human resources, for example,” says Rory O’Neill, director of sales and marketing, FreeBirdFlight, a drone manufacturer.

Drones also deliver a significant amount of timesavings and convenience to construction professionals.

“A project manager can get an instant update on the status of any aspect of the project without having to physically walk the site,” O’Neill says. “Because you can program the drones to run autonomous flights and repeat the pattern at regular intervals, you can get a realtime update on the status over whatever period of time you want. In particular, the progress of the project can be easily compared to the schedule using 3D imagery.”

Get the latest on drones in construction at the CONEXPO-CONAGG show.

Updated: February 6, 2020 — 3:56 pm

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