FPV Essentials – The Pilots View

FPV Essentials – The Pilots View

I’m sure that most of us have wished that there was a way to shrink ourselves down so that we could just hop on our multirotor and go fly it around. Unfortunately, that technology isn’t quite here yet, but luckily there is something that’s almost as good: first-person-view (FPV) flight. Within the last couple of years, the explosion of the drone market has spurred an FPV boom, and it’s amazing how quickly equipment has advanced in just a short time. As with anything, innovation and reduction in cost are directly related to popularity, which is great news for us. Whether you’re into aerial video/ photography, fast-paced drone racing, or just want to fly around “in” your aircraft, you have your choice of complete ready-to fly FPV drones, ready-to-go standalone FPV systems, or kits for assembling one yourself from individual parts. While Wi-Fi–based systems are easy to use and fine for things like aerial photography, if you plan on doing some fast-paced flying around objects, you need the near-zero latency that dedicated FPV systems provide. Here are some basic insights to get you going.

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