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HobbyKing Smack TF250C Quad Copter

HobbyKing Smack TF250C Quad Copter

From HobbyKing:

The Smack TF250C is a full carbon fiber quad racer that goes together quickly. With precision design and manufacturing, it is a lightweight and reliable quad racing platform.  It comes with rubber vibration dampers and red anodised alloy standoffs.

It is powered by four EMAX MT1806 -2280KV motors that are both reliable and deliver outstanding performance.

Additionally the carbon fiber arms are 4mm thick and being more robust are better resistant to damage.


  • Super strong arms
  • Vibration isolation systems for jello-free video
  • Lightweight machined alloy hardware with red anodizing
  • Space maximizing layout
  • carbon fiber construction


Dimensions: 250mm
Weight: 250g
Motor: Emax MT1806-2280Kv
Esc: 10A

#9111000004-0 – $157.14


Updated: January 20, 2016 — 3:12 pm
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