HV and Regular Battery Pack (Quick Tip)

The Hyperion G7 Series High-Voltage Lithium Battery Packs add a cutting-edge  silicon graphene material that
adds to the performance
and life of our packs.

High-voltage packs can be charged up to a 4.35V peak voltage as compared to the 4.20V for normal LiPo packs. High-voltage LiPos also deliver more motor punch, faster speed, and longer flights. High-voltage battery packs deliver more capacity than standard batteries of the same size and weight, making them a true “free lunch” without any downside. These packs are terrific for serious pilots looking to squeeze the most out of their setup while retaining battery pack lifespan and increasing performance. The boost in peak voltage as compared to a 4.20V LiPo adds about 10 percent more energy into every gram of a high-voltage lithium battery. Some high-voltage LiPo battery packs add a cutting-edge silicon-graphene material that protects the battery anode at the higher voltage, thus preserving cycle life.
Dean Eberly
Vice President of Product Development, Hyperion

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