Race Rice scandal has exposed Roger Goodell

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As part of the at my seventh birthday party oh, so many years ago, my mother managed to swindle a pack of second graders into doing yard work. She produced a bunch of brown shopping bags and a bathroom scale and then announced that whoever gathered the most leaves, sticks and crab apples over the next 10 minutes would win a prize.

Wide eyed kids immediately bolted off in every direction, knocking each other over to clear debris. And when the contest was over, we begged for another round. Ingenious.

You think some of that resourcefulness might have filtered down to yours truly. No chance. Last weekend we allowed our son to open a few gifts prior to his seventh birthday party. He unwrapped the deluxe bingo set he asked for (apparently, he seven going on 77) and when the other kids arrived quickly organized a bingo game that went on and on and on. Cheap Jerseys from china Meanwhile, in the background, the moon bounce we paid a couple hundred bucks for sat vacant, gathering cobwebs.

Lesson learned. Next year, the only party accessories I buying are bags of mulch and lawn fertilizer.

The saddest part of the entire Ray Rice/Roger Goodell affair, aside from that brutal elevator tape, is that when all is said and done Goodell may retain his job. Forget the fact that since becoming commissioner he been little more than a walking contradiction (example: pretending the NFL cares about concussions while lobbying to add more games to the regular season.) This scandal exposed him as a liar, enabler, megalomaniac and all around buffoon, among other less kind adjectives.

But not to worry, outraged Americans. Goodell has booked an independent investigator to look into whether he been telling the truth. And it all being overseen by a pair of owners who just happen to be Goodell most prominent backers, which is sort of like me hiring my son to look into who the best daddy in the world.

The league should have acted as swiftly punishing Goodell as it did Rice. Oh, wait. Never mind.

Hard to believe that as an encore to winning the World Series, the Red Sox, with two weeks left in the season, have the same number of wins as the Astros.

Chad Dawson is scheduled to fight a yet to be named opponent at Foxwoods on Oct. 4, a match to be broadcast on Showtime. Once considered one of the top pound for pound boxers in the world, Dawson, 32, has struggled to regain that form since beating Bernard Hopkins in April 2012. He lost badly to Andre Ward in September 2012 and was a first round knockout victim of Adonis Stephenson in June 2013. His return to the ring on June 21 resulted in a first round KO of an inferior opponent despite Dawson being overweight. Expect a similar foe and result next month.

Remember in the 1980s when Bears quarterback Jim McMahon wore an Adidas headband on the sidelines and NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle promptly fined him for violating the NFL dress code? McMahon showed up the next week with a headband that read For today slate of NFL games, players should take a defiant cue from that by wearing Goodell headbands. Sure, they might get fined. But the collective statement would be priceless.

Like many Americans in search of a job, Alex Rodriguez opened a LinkedIn account this week. He lists himself as founder and CEO of ARod Corp. But with his skills and experience, he more than qualified for a career as a pharmaceutical consultant.

New car is equipped with a rear vision camera. I can only assume it there to provide the option of watching myself run over toys scattered in the driveway.

Pete Rose won be in Bridgeport for Shepard Day at Harbor Yard today. He had to cancel. The team will still auction off commemorative jerseys, with proceeds to benefit the family of Shepard, the Bluefish general manager who passed away from kidney cancer last week.

Nice touch by Wilbur Cross opting to name its football field in honor of both Horace Marone and Pete Barbarito. The two coaches cover 38 seasons of the program heyday, including two of the best teams in school history Marone undefeated 1963 squad and Barbarito 1984 team, both state champions.

New Central Connecticut State football coach Pete Rossomando plans to be ambitious when it comes to his non conference schedule. cheapnfljerseysonliney He says he like to pursue an annual FBS opponent, with an eye on UConn and Boston College, as well as top FCS competition like Montana and three time defending national champ North Dakota State. About the only thing he rules out is a game against his former employer, New Haven. Nothing personal. But when it comes to FCS teams scheduling Division II opponents, there little to gain and everything to lose.

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy (base salary: $7.6 million) said his 20 cent tip on a $61 bill at a burger joint was of a statement. Of course, it went viral. Guessing he encounter another kind of statement the next time he eats out. The Sneeze Burger.

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