Wingcopter’s fully automated drone delivered an emergency package from the mainland to Bugarura Island and returned safely. The 40 km round trip was flown beyond visual line of sight flight and was completed without a battery swap. Wingcopter drones were were able to fly one way to the island in 12 minutes, compared to a 50-minute one-way boat trip. The package drop-off required no landing or human interaction thanks to Wingcopter’s innovative winch mechanism.

Tom Plümmer, CEO and co-founder of Wingcopter, said, “We are very proud to be winners of the Lake Kivu Challenge, as this challenge and the African Drone Forum embody the innovative spirit of humanitarian aid and the African drone community as well as the great potential for sustainable drone deployments. We strongly believe that Wingcopter drones can leapfrog existing infrastructure by delivering significant social and economic value in Africa and beyond.”