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7 Top Drone Battery Chargers

7 Top Drone Battery Chargers

Multifunction chargers, an essential part of any drone flier’s collection of gear, are an excellent investment that pays back great dividends when it comes to managing the health of your battery packs. This guide includes some of the best single-, dual-, and quad-output chargers available, and all of them are loaded with easy-to-use features that take the guesswork out of virtually all types of battery-charging and maintenance tasks.



Venom Pro Quad 100W X4

Building on the success of the Pro Duo charger, the Venom Pro Quad features a vertical layout and provides four complete charging circuits, each with its own integrated 100W power supply. The case saves workbench space, having a footprint similar to most single-output chargers. Two USB 2.3-amp charging ports to power your USB devices are located on the back of the charger. The Venom Pro Quad four-port 7.0A balance charger is a great solution for pilots who need to charge several packs quickly and easily.

• Circuit power: 4 x 100W
• USB output: 2 x 5V 2.3A USB 2.0
• Five-button control interface
• Backlit LCD screen
• Easy menu navigation

Quick Specs
Charges: LiPo/LiFe/Li-Ion; Ni-Cd/NiMH; Pb
Output: 4 x 0.1–7.0A
Discharge: 0.1–1.0A
Cells: LiPo/LiFe/Li-Ion/LiHV, 1–6; Ni-Cd/
NiMH, 1–15
Charging modes: Charge, discharge, fast charge, balancing, storage
Balance boards: 4 x JST-XH
Price: $229.99

What’s in the Box
Venom Pro Quad charger / complete assortment of charge leads (alligator, Deans, EC3, EC5, HXT 4, JST, receiver, Tamiya, and XT60) / four JST-XH balance boards with extra-long balance leads / instructions

AMain Hobbies Prodigy 610 Quad

The new ProTek R/C Prodigy 610 Quad AC LiHV/LiPo/LiFe/NiMH AC/DC battery charger is a four-port AC/DC charger that can handle 6S packs. It is capable of 10-amp charge rates, with worldwide 110V/220V versatility, and it provides 100 watts of power per charge port. Also, the charger allows you to safely charge high-voltage lithium batteries. With its heavy-duty metal case, great safety features, and easy-to-connect ports, the Prodigy 610 Quad charger is a great choice for anyone’s workshop and in-field charging needs.
• 4-channel charger
• LiHV mode
• Precharge function helps restore lithium packs with cells below 3.0V
• Backlit screen

Quick Specs
Charges: LiHV/LiPo/LiFe; Ni-Cd/NiMH; Pb
Output: 0.1–10.0A
Discharge: 0.1–5.0A
Cells: LiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe, 1–6S; Ni-Cd/NiMH, 1–16S; Pb 2–20S
Charging modes: Balance, charge,
discharge, cycling, storage
Balance board: XH-type LiPo
Price: $239.99

What’s in the Box?
Prodigy 610 Quad AC charger / DC power input cable w/ XT60 connector / AC power input cable / JST connector charge lead / Futaba connector charge lead / four T-plug charge leads / alligator clip charge lead / two battery clamps / four XH balance boards / instructions

Dynamite Passport UltraForce Duo

Building on the success of the previous non-touchscreen version, the Dynamite Passport Duo 400W Dual AC/DC Touch Charger adds an easy-to-use touchscreen interface as well as HV (high-voltage) charging capabilities. Featuring built-in fans, the Passport UltraForce Duo saves space on the workbench by combining two charging circuits in one well-thought-out case. Charging cords have quick-disconnect insulated banana plugs added to all charge cords, and it also has a port for a temperature probe, 5V/2.1A USB port, two mini USB ports, and two balance-board ports. If you’re serious about your battery-management equipment, the Passport UltraForce Duo is a great pick.

• 500W internal power supply
• 200W charge power per output
• HV charging, discharging, balancing
• Short-circuit protection, overtemperature and overcurrent protection

Quick Specs
Charges: LiPo/LiFe; Ni-Cd/NiMH; Pb
Output: 0.1–10.0A charge current per output (adjustable)
Discharge: 0.01–5.00A (25W) discharge power per output
Cells: LiPo/Li-Fe, 1–6; Ni-Cd/NiMH, 1–15; Pb battery types
Charging modes: Peak charging, discharging, balancing
Balance board: JST-XH
Price: $249.99

What’s in the Box
Dynamite Passport UltraForce Duo / two JST-XH balance boards / removable AC power cord (optional DC power cord not included) / two EC3, two XT60, one Deans, and one receiver banana plug charge cords / flame-resistant charging bag / instructions

ElectriFly AC/DC Triton2 EQ

ElectriFly’s Triton line of chargers has been a staple for E-pilots’ workbenches and field-equipment boxes for quite some time, and it continues to be a rugged and reliable go-to charger for many pilots. The Triton2 EQ is designed for all-around charging tasks, from the indoor racer who might not have the largest battery packs to the hexacopter pilot with larger 6S LiPo packs. With two push buttons and a dial button, the menu system is intuitive but takes a little while to figure out. The manual is excellent, and a full-page pull-out reference chart guides you through the setup, main menus, and menu windows. Easy to use, the charger can handle all battery types including Ni-Cd, NiMH, LiPo, Li-Ion, LiFe, and Pb. The two-line LCD screen is easy to read. Having both AC and DC input, the single output Triton2 EQ charger is a good all-around charger for a drone pilot to keep in his field box.

• Touch-pad controls for easy input
• Tilt-up LCD screen for easy viewing
• AC and DC power input
• Easy-to-navigate menu system

Quick Specs
Charges: LiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe; Ni-Cd/NiMH; Pb
Output: 0.1–5.0A (max, 63W)
Discharge: 0.1–1.0A (max, 60W)
Cells: LiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe, 1–6S; Ni-Cd/NiMH, 1–14S; Pb, 1–6S
Charging modes: Charge, discharge, cycling, trickle
Balance board: XH/TP
Price: $179.99

What’s in the Box
ElectriFly AC/DC Triton2 EQ / FlightPower/TP and ElectriFly/XH adapters / AC power cord / DC power cord w/ alligator clips / instructions

Graupner Polaron AC/DC Charger 240W 7S – 8 Top Drone Chargers

Graupner Polaron AC/DC Charger 240W 7S

A well-established brand known for quality and reliable battery-charging equipment, the Polaron line has a lot of chargers to choose from. The Polaron AC/DC charger is capable of delivering 240 watts of output power (120 watts per channel) when using a suitable DC power supply. Also, with the required balance board, this charger supports up to 7-cell LiPo batteries. (Many chargers in this price range are limited to up to six cells.) Also included is a plastic stylus making it easier to use the compact touchscreen. If you’re looking for a very easy-to-use charger that can also provide all the battery data you need for a variety of battery types, look no further.

• Easy-to-use 3-inch full-color LCD display
• Built-in servo and motor tester
• USB data port for firmware updates and PC charger monitoring
• 20-memory battery-profile channels for each charge port (40 total)
• External USB charge port for tablets or smartphones

Quick Specs
Charges: LiPo/LiFe/Li-Ion; Ni-Cd/NiMH; Pb
Output: 0.1–8.0A (100mA steps); max 120W; USB:
5V output (5V/1A) B-type
Discharge: 0.1–5.0A, max 30W
Cells: LiPo/LiFe/LiLo: 1–7 per channel; Ni-CD/NiMH:
1–14 per channel; Pb: 1–12 (2V/cell) per channel
Charging modes: Charge, discharge, cycle
Balance boards: EH to XH 7S adapter board
Price: $279.00

What’s in the Box:
Polaron AC/DC charger / AC power cable / EH to XH 7S adapter board and 7S cable / USB cable; DC input cable / two temp sensors / two charge cables / two alligator clips / charger stand / instructions

Hitec RCD Power Peak D7 Charging Station

The latest from Hitec is the Power Peak D7 AC/DC Charging Station. Armed with two independent 200-watt output ports, it offers up to 20 amps of charge current each. Capable of charging all battery chemistries quickly and efficiently, the D7 also features mini USB sockets, allowing you to monitor battery health using the latest LogView Software and stay current with software updates. The 5V/1A USB charge socket provides compatibility with all your smartphones, digital cameras, and other USB-powered devices. Multiplex’s integrated BID system offers convenience and safety with programming for batteries with the optional BID keys and chips. The display has two separate backlit graphic screens for readability and four language choices: English, German, French, and Italian. It’s a real workhorse.

• Two independent 200-watt output ports
• Input power source (AC/DC): 110–240V/11–30V
• Total maximum output: 400W
• Integrated Multiplex battery-identification system

Quick Specs
Charges: Ni-Cd/NiMH, LiPo/LiFe/Li-lon; Pb
Output: Two 0.1–20.0 amps
Discharge: 2–24 volts, charge circuit power: 200 watts
Cells: Ni-Cd/NiMH, 1–18; LiPo/LiFe/Li-lon, 1–7; Pb battery types
Charging modes: Balance, charge, discharge, cycling, storage
Balance boards: Dual universal
Price: $274.99

What’s in the Box
Power Peak D7 charger / DC power cord / two XT60 charge cords /
two 2-pin T-type charge cords / AC power cord / two balancing-board connectors and dual-universal balancing boards / instructions


Hyperion EOS 0720i Super Duo 3 7S

Not to be confused with past single-port 0720 models, the new Super Duo 3 7S is Hyperion’s most powerful charger to date and offers two identical output ports, with each port capable of providing 500W of charging power. The 0720 designation is for 7 cells max and 20 amps max per port. To provide all 500 watts per channel (1000 watts total), the Super Duo needs 24 to 28 volts of input voltage but can also be operated with lower input voltages (from 11 volts). Featuring dual easy-to-read displays, the Super Duo 3 7S is designed with many built-in safety features, and you can even charge a split pack in Network mode using both ports for up to 14S at 1000W max. It’s a great all-around choice.

• 1000W power (500W per port)
• Built-in LBA10/300 Balancers with 300mA max balance rate per cell
• Reverse polarity protection, input-voltage error warning, and cell-count mismatch warnings
• LiHV compatible if TVC set to 4.35V

Quick Specs
Charges: LiPo/LiFe; Ni-Cd/NiMH; Pb
Output: 0.1–10.0A charge current per output (adjustable)
Discharge: 0.01–5.00A (25W) discharge power per output
Cells: LiPo/LiFe, 1–7; Ni-Cd/NiMH, 1–15; Pb battery types
Charging modes: Charge, discharge, solo, sync, balancer, peak, trickle, store, cycle (for LiPo, LiFe, Li-Ion, Ni-Cd, NiMH)
Balance board: JST-XH
Price: $195.50

What’s in the Box
EOS 0720i Super Duo3 dual charger / two HP and two XH LiPo adapter boards / two charge cords (no connectors) / USB cable and clips / instructions


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