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Anonymous, 12 Nov 2015Please explain how galaxy s6 is one of the most rugged phones in the world could you guarantee.

Note5, 12 Nov 2015They are killing their own goose with such rapid iterations of similar products! Their product. moreQuoting a PARAGRAPH of the article you might have missed: “Oh, and the new timing only has to do with the scheduling of the Mobile World Congress, which next year starts on February 22 in Barcelona. This year it started on March 2. See a pattern? Yes, Samsung likes to hold its big event on the eve of MWC, so to speak, which is reportedly just what it will do in 2016 as well.”

By this statement alone, it should clear the air for any doubts you have. Samsung means business and if a date has something ever to do with a significant date of event(s) set on their (and others’) calendars, they would grab the opportunity as would have any flexible and adaptable company would have done. Any how, using an entirely new SoC for their upcoming flagship should not make it all too similar from their latest available models. It is not like they are yet again going to recycle Exynos 7420 for the S7

Linas, 12 Nov 2015It is all about the balance, because if they don’t release everyone will say “Samsung is not. moreI never said do not release better phones ! But Samsung must release the best phones to sustain in the market, best phones do not get bettered in short time frame IMO. It is not about me alone.

Sample Issue

4/3/04Since each of us is blessed with only one life, why not live it with a cat? Robert Stearns

Welcome to another issue of Dynamo’s World and welcome to all of the new subscribers! This week Dynamo shares her frightening encounter with a beast known as the Blade Monster. Also, if your feline friend is famous for his bizarre appetite you’ll want to check out for some information about this disorder. I’ve included some tips on destroying a flea population as well as some handy cat health links.

Annita aka DynamospersonThere is a monster lurking inside my home. No, I didn’t see my reflection in the window again, this is a real monster! I’m referring to the ancient beast known as Blade Monster.

The Blade Monster hangs suspended from the ceiling. He commands the room with his four wooden tentacles and single glaring eye. In the cold times he remains motionless, only gazing with blinding fierceness when my people enter the room. But when the hot times come he twirls his tentacles with enough speed to ruffle my fur! And he makes a hideous “whirring” sound that causes my toe pads to break out in goose bumps!

Of course my people are oblivious to the dangers of the Blade Monster. They happily walk around while he growls just a few feet above their heads. Now I know that my people aren’t famous for their intelligence, but any idiot can see the danger here!

I’ve tried to warn my people. I refuse to enter Blade Monster’s room, I gaze at him from the hallway with a horrified look on my face and I’ve even tried to block my people from entering his room. They refuse to listen. So I decided that I alone must defeat and destroy Blade Monster.

I’ve been considering this for about a year. I decided the only way to defeat him was to learn what made him tick. I began a surveillance operation. Every night I would sit at the bedroom door and watch him for about ten minutes, until I became too frightened and was forced to hide under blankie. During this time I learned his human name. They refer to him as “Ceiling Fan”. It’s obviously a code name, but I haven’t managed to decipher it.

On three occasions (during the cold times of course) I’ve ventured into his room. He didn’t move, but I could feel his eye on me. I only stayed long enough to confirm my suspicion: Blade Monster is really scary!

It was after one of these adventures that my plan really started coming together. I was sharpening my claws on a piece of furniture, considering the facts that I had gathered so far. Blade Monster is really scary. Somebody would have to approach him in order to destroy him. That somebody was not going to be me. It was right about then that I had a brilliant thought.

I decided to use Delilah to defeat the Blade Monster. For those of you who didn’t read my story about Delilah, she holds the title of Stupidest Cat In The World. She wears her crown proudly. I know what you’re thinking. No, I don’t believe Delilah the Stupid is clever enough to defeat Blade Monster. I am simply going to convince her that she is, then I can watch him in battle and learn what his weakness is. That’s where Willow will come in handy.

Willow is a small sarcastic cat striped cat who will do anything for a biscuit. I’m pretty sure that if I offer her one, as well as a ringside seat when Delilah gets pummeled by Blade Monster, she’ll be in. I may also have to give her my sparkle mousie, but I can only focus on one problem at a time.

As soon as I figure out how to get this message to Delilah and Willow the battle is on and Blade Monster’s days are numbered. Cheap Jerseys free shipping But until then, I think I’ll just have a nap. In a room far away from Blade Monster. Next to my person. Under a blankie.

Cats eat strange things on a daily basis. You’ve probably cringed more than once at the sight of your pet swallowing a spider or a fly. But some cats take their strange appetites a step farther. There are some felines who regularly feast on everything from wool to yarn to plastic. It’s a disorder known as pica syndrome.

Pica is simply a desire to eat things that shouldn’t be eaten. There’s no known cause, although some studies have been done. Theories range from premature weaning to anxiety to compulsive disorders. Whatever the reason it can be harmful to the cat and worrisome for the cat’s caregivers.

It is widely accepted that a lack of nutrients is not to blame. Many people faced with this problem are baffled, they’re feeding their cats commercial diets and they can’t understand what they could be doing wrong. Adding more vitamins and minerals to the diet hasn’t been proven to stop the behavior however, so the cause lies elsewhere.

It can be a very dangerous disorder. When a cat ingests something that isn’t meant to be consumed it can cause vomiting, constipation, obstruction of the intestines and even death if not treated promptly. If your pet has this problem it’s important that you observe him closely. If certain items have proven irresistible make sure that they are put in a place that curious paws can’t reach.

If you suspect that your pet has pica syndrome you should take him to the vet right away to rule out any kind of physical condition that could be causing this behavior. If that is ruled out, your vet may suggest that you take your cat to an animal behaviorist to try and get to the root of the problem and to determine treatment.

Treatments vary almost as much as theories to the cause of pica syndrome. Some vets suggest anti anxiety drug therapy or increased fiber in the diet. Others believe interactive play or reducing stress factors in your pet’s life may offer the solution.

Studies are still being done to learn the reason for this odd behavior. A solution may soon be found that will help to satisfy whatever strange craving pica cats seem to have. And for the caregivers of these special felines that day can’t come soon enough!Featured Cat Links

Updated: September 30, 2016 — 6:46 am

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