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Drones Light up the Night!

Drones Light up the Night!

I recently had the fortune of test flying three independent light
sources for nighttime flying. Depending on what your project is, you might want to
illuminate the crops below you; a person walking or in a vehicle; or your background
hills, buildings, etc. Aircraft used for testing purposes were the DJI Phantom 3
Advanced and 3DR Solo.
We are going to take a comparative look at Lume Cube lights, FoxFury’s Rugo lights,
and the Fiilex AL250 lights. The first two are not necessarily built with drone flight in
mind, but their size, shape, and weight lend themselves to these aircraft. The Fiilex
AL250 is a unit you’ve no doubt already heard about, a collaborative project between
3DR and Fiilex. Click on image to see more:

Light It Up 1


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