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Today’s FPV goggles offer amazing resolution for a truly immersive flying experience. Unfortunately, fliers with less-than-perfect distance vision may not get the most out of these outstanding headsets. While there are diopter-lens sets available to provide a measure of distance-vision correction, these can’t take the place of genuine prescription lenses.  RHO-Lens fills this need by offering prescription lenses for Fat Shark, Headplay, and similar FPV headsets. These are not cheap molded lenses; RHO-Lens products are CNC machined, polished, and then finished with an anti-reflective coating. Finally, the lenses are mounted in 3D-printed frames, ready for installation in your goggles.

To order, go to the company’s website and fill in the online prescription form with your latest distance vision prescription; RHO-Lens will reply with a billing invoice. Not all eye prescriptions include the required pupil-distance measurement, but you should be able
to get this from your eyewear supplier.

RHO-Lens is based in Münster, Germany, and landed cost in the United States is about $70 for most prescriptions. Turnaround time to your mailbox is usually two to three  weeks. RHOLens also offers its Headplay HD product, a lens insert for Headplay and similar headsets that provides a sharper image than the stock Fresnel lens plate. These are standard lenses, requiring no prescription, and the improvement in clarity is remarkable.—Jim Ryan

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