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How to Pass the Part 107 Exemption Exam

How to Pass the Part 107 Exemption Exam

This article will cover the ways I studied for the test and some tricks to successfully pass any test. The first piece of advice—and this may seem obvious—is that you must know the material. This means you need to understand the material, not just be aware of it. Knowing that there is a difference, for example, between Class B and […]
Drones & Conservation: Monitoring Arctic Sea Ice

Drones & Conservation: Monitoring Arctic Sea Ice

Flying the Ptarmigan hexacopter in challenging conditions Springtime in northern Alaska is the right time for a whale hunt. Vast sheets of sea ice crumble together into huge masses that grind into the ocean floor, anchoring it for a time. To get to open water to hunt whales, Inupiat whaling crews will break miles of […]

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(Photo by Brent Paull)

Sea Otters Study with a Drone

(Photo by Brent Paull) The beach was clear of ice and snow, and the gray rocks and gravel were drying in the warm sun. Nearby grass was showing hints of green, early for this Alaska spring. Drifting on its back in Kachemak Bay, near the town of Homer, Alaska, a sea otter ate morsels of […]
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