Uplift Data Partners & PlanGrid

Uplift Data Partners & PlanGrid

Uplift Data Partners, the leading data capture pilot platform for enterprise businesses, announced it has integrated with PlanGrid, the leader in construction productivity software. Uplift’s 2D and 3D aerial drone imagery is now accessible directly into PlanGrid, giving construction teams a real-time view of job sites and dramatically improving their ability to detect costly errors and reduce rework.

Previously, Uplift’s drone-captured images were housed within its portal and PlanGrid users needed to log in to both platforms to access these images. Now, project team members in the field, trailer, and office can easily access drone imagery directly from PlanGrid, improving team communications, reducing change orders, and providing real-time updates to current project status.

Since 2015, Uplift Data Partners has delivered aerial insights for the AEC industry. Uplift’s solution combines an extensive network of skilled and highly trained pilots, broad knowledge of FAA airspace rules and a proactive approach to compliance and regulatory guidelines. Using Uplift’s drone service, builders can accurately survey a project and detect mistakes by overlaying site designs and line work onto the drone imagery.

“The integration of drone imagery into PlanGrid is a huge accomplishment for us,” said Suzanne El-Moursi, president of Uplift Data Partners. “Uplift Data Partners is a premiere drone service provider for the AEC industry. Through our relentless commitment to providing best-in-class service, our competitive edge is twofold: We develop recipes that are rooted in the understanding of what it takes to execute a successful construction mission and have mastered the automation of data quality. We are passionate about enabling the free flow of drone data to further augment and support other data sources, thus increasing the value of the overall insight to the end user, in this case, the project engineer. The integration with PlanGrid delivers on our strategy to be an enabling player in the drone space, ensuring that drone insights are timely and action oriented.”

“Our goal at PlanGrid is to increase productivity through innovative and impactful technology,” said James Cook, head of strategic alliances and partnerships at PlanGrid. “Drone technology provides immeasurable insights into the progress and accuracy of a construction site, and Uplift Data Partners has established itself as a cutting-edge platform with its deep expertise of compliance and airspace regulations. The integration of Uplift’s drone imagery into PlanGrid will give our customers a real-time view of jobsites and further improve their productivity.”

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