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I have a problem when it comes to the amount of gear I carry. The problem isn’t the amount of items—it’s that I can never seem to find the perfect bag to carry all of it. And if I’m being honest, the real problem is that I enjoy looking for the perfect bag, so I have a lot of them. I’m going to share one of my absolute favorites with you.

The Commuterpak by Funk St. Outfitters is a bag that started off as a crowd-funded campaign. It did incredibly well, and unlike many campaigns, it actually delivered on what it promised. The bag is a compact and lightweight everyday carry (EDC) bag that’s equally comfortable carrying your personal items as it is camera gear.

An EDC bag has to meet specific criteria to remain in my collection. It needs to safely carry the basics, like wallet, keys, pencil, notebook, and iPad or Android tablet. It also needs to be inconspicuous so that I can carry it without fear of being robbed. And most important, the “D” has to stand for “drone,” as in “Everyday Drone Carry.”The Commuterpak checked all these boxes and more. It’s made out of a
durable and lightweight honeycomb ripstop material that is weather resistant.
It’s equipped with AquaGuard zippers to help keep the water out, and it has
reflective trim to make you visible at night.

I pack this bag with a Mavic Pro 2 and two spare batteries as well as my
keys, wallet, phone, and other personal items. The bag has some padding on
the back, which allows for it sit comfortably against your body, and it can be
worn as a sling, a satchel, or even a waist pack. It’s comfortable in all three
orientations. It doesn’t have any additional padding to protect your items, but I
find that it provides enough protection for a bag that is intended to be on your
person and give you quick and easy access to all your gear.
Speaking of easy access, the Commuterpak is equipped with a Fidlock
buckle, which is a magnetic self-aligning type of buckle that, once latched,
does not let go. It’s simple to open using just one hand, even if you’re wearing

The Commuterpak by Funk St. Outfitters is a great addition for your “Everyday Drone Carry” needs. The bag costs $79.00, and for a limited time, use the code “DRONE5” to receive a discount.—Robert Rodriguez

Updated: November 11, 2019 — 4:34 pm

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